The Hudson

The Hudson…not a place I would have considered high on my sailing list. A river? In the middle of New York? That runs through New York City? Yew. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We pulled out of the Erie Canal into the Hudson pretty early in the morning so we could get to the […]

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The Erie Canal

So when we started planning our summer 2020 adventure, we were super excited to spend a month in the North Channel of Lake Huron and then head to 1,000 Islands in Canada before exiting the St. Lawrence Seaway to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Well, COVID-19 happens (feel free to insert your own word there!). So […]

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Buffalo Wings

So the last posting was during our trip and it got busy out there, so I’m hoping to get you up to speed on the rest of our big adventure! We left off heading into the city of Buffalo, New York…thinking we’d head down the Niagara River and turn into our marina. Piece of cake, […]

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Detroit, Detroit

One of my favorite musicians, Erik Koskinen, wrote a song about the city we visited next on our Great Lakes adventure – Detroit, Detroit. Although we didn’t have a six pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes while we visited, we did have some amazing Greek food! Plus a couple of beers each – […]

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Sailing Lake Huron

Lake Huron was a joy to cross – lots of sunshine, wind, and great sailing! What a change from the doldrums (and cold lake water) on Lake Superior. We crossed from the St. Mary’s River to the south shore of Lake Huron and went in to the Rogers City Marina. Before crossing Lake Huron, we […]

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Lime Island (Bird) Time

We headed down the St. Mary’s River and rocked it because of the current – sometimes over 10 knots – zoom zoom! We did the St. Mary’s in 2018 when we brought La Rive Nord to Lake Superior and decided we needed to seek out a new place to stay along the way. We decided […]

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Crossing Superior

We took off Sunday, July 20 around 11 p.m. to cross Superior to start the next Adventures of La Rive Nord – sailing the Atlantic to the Caribbean via the Erie Canal and Chesapeake Bay. Not our first plan, but COVID-19 didn’t allow us to sail to Nova Scotia, Canada this year, so we chose […]

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Crossing to Isle Royale

We left Grand Marais for Isle Royale on Friday, June 10 around 6 p.m. after grabbing some dinner to go at the Angry Trout. You cannot beat the whitefish with salad. Whoa! A great way to start our trip. Our destination was Washington Harbor, near Windigo, on Isle Royale. We expected to anchor by 2 […]

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The Susie’s!

We finally got away from the Winery and all of the projects that we started during COVID-19 to sail away…if only for a long weekend. We left Grand Marais at 2 p.m. and had a glorious sail to Covill then the gusties (as I call them) came up. Gusties are these crazy strong winds from […]

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