Crossing to Isle Royale

We left Grand Marais for Isle Royale on Friday, June 10 around 6 p.m. after grabbing some dinner to go at the Angry Trout. You cannot beat the whitefish with salad. Whoa! A great way to start our trip. Our destination was Washington Harbor, near Windigo, on Isle Royale. We expected to anchor by 2 […]

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The Susie’s!

We finally got away from the Winery and all of the projects that we started during COVID-19 to sail away…if only for a long weekend. We left Grand Marais at 2 p.m. and had a glorious sail to Covill then the gusties (as I call them) came up. Gusties are these crazy strong winds from […]

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Crossing to Eastern Canada

We spent the afternoon provisioning the boat with supplies for our two week adventure crossing the Big Lake to Eastern Canada. The photo above was taken at Big Sandy Island two weeks prior to our big crossing. When we finished, we walked over to the Crooked Spoon in Grand Marais for a wonderful dinner. It […]

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Inhospitable Western Shore

That’s what Bonnie Dahl calls the Western shore of Lake Superior – inhospitable. We called it gorgeous. We did need to use the Taconite Harbor on our first night, Tuesday, but it was planned. We tried to tuck in to the Bluefin Bay for dinner, but we were at the mooring ball around 6 p.m. […]

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The Adventure Continues

We are off on another sailing adventure on Lake Superior this time! We left Grand Marais around 2 p.m. heading towards Duluth. We are hoping that we can sail out of the dense fog that built up during the rain we had late this morning. As we watch the tops of the Sawtooth Mountains pass […]

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We left the wonderfully warm anchorage on Monday late in the afternoon and motor-sailed to Houghton, Michigan. As we were coming into town, we went by the Isle Royale Ranger! It’s the ferry for the Rock Harbor end of the island. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We pulled up […]

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We got up early on Saturday to motor-sail to Marquette, Michigan…but first, the anchor fouled on a tree and Chuck had to do some unwinding action with the chain, the lines, and the boat direction (I did the driving). The tree finally made its appearance on the top of the water – it was actually […]

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Painted Rocks

We were pretty excited to sail out and visit the painted rocks – one of the big reasons we wanted to sail the south shore of Lake Superior, rather than going back through the Canadian side. But first, we had to get out of the Grand Marais harbor. Easier said than done. We got ready […]

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Whitefish Bay

So we got up really early (for us) and headed out of our anchorage near Brimley, Michigan on Thursday. We had to cover over 70 nm to make safe harbor through Whitefish Bay – yes, the place in the Edmund Fitzgerald song. There are two other safe harbors on the way, but the draft of […]

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