Getting Ready

Chuck and I drove to Kenosha again in December after we purchased the Tiger Lily to drop off a bunch of our sailing gear from our old boat, the Pocatito, check out the boat again, and to do inventory. To make the long sail back to Grand Marais, we knew we needed to be prepared more for this trip than any other.

While there, we decided to rename the boat to La Rive Nord or the North Shore, the place we both love. We had Tim, the owner of the Sail Place, where we purchased the boat, remove the old letters and buff out the place where they had been. We also decided to have Tim’s team add dingy davits so that our dingy could be lifted out of the water rather than tail us.

In April, we started staging gear in our garage for the final trip to Kenosha. Piles of things were created – fire extinguishers, power inverters, our traveling bikes, bedding, books, and of course, wine! We loaded up the truck and our small trailer with the dingy and motor and off we went!

The boat was still in the storage building when we got to Kenosha, Saturday, April 21 so we loaded our gear into the boat anyway and left the trailer in the marina yard. We stayed two nights at Tom Saliture’s family condo in downtown Milwaukee which was great. We got to see Milwaukee, eat some fabulous food prepared by Doris Saliture, and see our friends. And after checking out Milwaukee, if the winds are right, we’d like to anchor there on an overnight outside of their beautiful Discover World.

Tom took a “selfie” with the boat in the background – yes we look like the Beverly Hillbillies with all of our stuff sitting on deck. Thank you Tom for driving our truck and trailer back to St. Paul and keeping it until we get back!


The boat was put into the water on Monday, April 23 so we were able to move on board! We spent the night in Kenosha and we have to say, going out to dinner around the marina has been a lot of fun. We had sandwiches from the famous Tanutta’s, a great pizza on Monday, crazy good chicken sandwich at Mike’s donut and chicken shop, macaroni and cheese at another Mike’s restaurant, and a huge Italian meal at D. Carlos. So much for losing weight after our long winter in Lutsen!

chuck and kim in the water.jpg


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Helgy here, thanks for sharing your exciting adventure, we look forward to upcoming moments. Congrats on your new boat and big trip back home. Please let us know when you sail into Minneaplis? Stay warm and safe.


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