The Mast & Sails Go Up

To store the boat over the winter, the marina pulls the mast and boom off the boat. The boat goes into the building while the mast stays outside on a long rack. Unfortunately, the rack was put behind several very large sailboats, making it a challenge for the marina staff to get to it. By Thursday, the guys had cleared enough boats out so we could get access to the mast.

Chuck and Tim drove our boat over to a deep dock where the marina puts in boats. They tied off the boat to avoid banging the sides and waited for the crane to bring the mast over.


Tim and company brought the boom onboard while the crane was getting the mast hooked up so it could place it on the deck of the boat.DSC02125

The crane lifted the mast over the boat while one of the marina guys put it into place.cranemast

After it was all in place, Tim brought it back to our dock. On Friday, Chuck learned how to put the sails up and the groovy bimini. The bimini is going to be our best friend until it starts to warm up out there! It warms up nicely when its sunny and it keeps us out of the cold wind. Its also going to be a great place to drink wine or beer watching the sunset.

All of this was done while I took a scenic drive to Pewaukee’s Battery Plus store to pickup our new sailboat battery – 40 miles each way. Long trip but its nice to know we have a good battery! Also stopped at the local grocery store to provision the boat with fresh food for the voyage.

Tomorrow, we get to test sail with the previous owners.

sails up


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