Getting Dingy with It

So Saturday didn’t turn out like we expected – sailing sure teaches you patience! The lake was very windy with small craft advisories so we didn’t sail like we planned. We spent the morning cleaning after all of the maintenance projects, putting more things away, and setting the dingy on the new davits we had installed last winter.


We bought the dingy and motor spring of 2017, knowing we would be looking for a new sailboat. We were able to get out two to three times last summer on sailing trips with the Pocatito or spending a night on the mooring ball in Grand Marais harbor. It was fun using the new dingy to get around rather than rowing the old one!

On the last trip we took on Lake Superior, it was a rough one and we clamped the new Tohatsu propane motor onto Pocatito along with a safety line…just in case we lost it. We made it back to the Grand Marais harbor just fine, but while the Pocatito was sitting at the dock there, a powerful Northeaster came up and the boat behind us got loose. The bow of their boat knocked the motor off the Pocatito and it dangled in the lake water until Dave Tersteeg was able to save it. Unfortunately, the motor starts but doesn’t stay started, so we’re going to make a planned stop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin now (only 40 miles from Don and Sal!) to see if the dealer there can fix it. I’m hoping the dealer can fix things and we get to see Don and Sal too – I hear Don is about to retire so some celebrating is needed!

We also met the previous owners of our sailboat on Saturday, Jackie and Len Sloan from Crown Point, Indiana. It was nice to hear about the boat from their perspective, understand more about the equipment on board, and listen to them regale stories about life on board. They were so sweet to bring us a Kenosha Kringle – a yummy apple ring of sweet goodness. They also got us setup with a membership to the Great Lakes Cruising Club which will come in handy on this trip and hopefully in the future on Lake Superior.

After a quick chat in the marina building, we hit the nearby bar for some great German beers in an Irish pub! Yes, that’s right. Jackie told us about serving eight people for dinner on board – not sure how she did it and Len told us about being Rear Admiral of the Great Lakes Cruising Club. An enjoyable afternoon meeting the Sloans!

Saturday night was quiet for me…we went for Mexican food at this great spot in Kenosha. I drank a margarita and that was the end of it for me! Fresh air + tequila = sleepy girl!

Hopefully tomorrow we can sail!






2 thoughts on “Getting Dingy with It

  1. Hello Kim and Chuck, it was a pleasure meeting you and feeling great that Tiger Lily found a new home with you folks. Her new name, La Rive Nord, is very fitting. Sorry that the weather did not cooperate for a sail. But I know Len enjoyed showing you the navigation equipment and other things. Like we said, just call with any questions. And when you go on your voyage to Bora Bora, let us know. We used to have an apartment in Panama City, Panama. Benny was our driver when we were their. He would be a great resource for you. Costco has a sister store, PriceSmart in the Caribbean and South America. They don’t accept Costco cards and you have to buy their membership. But it is a value and I imagine a great place to provision. I will be following your blog and hoping you have a delightful time. Best wishes, Jackie & Len


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