Them Batteries!

Well we weren’t able to leave Kenosha on Monday because we still couldn’t get the batteries to work right. The battery that I bought in Pewaukee (Pssst…Julie Lane) didn’t work. Bummer!

So Tim, at Sail Place, started calling around for one on Saturday. He ordered one online from West Marine that was supposed to arrive Monday before noon. Well…West Marine decided that they would ship the battery from Michigan, so noon was out…it was probably coming on Tuesday. Dang.

Chuck got on the phone and found a shop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin that could get the battery on a truck for delivery by Wednesday. We purchased it on the spot and decided to go to Manitowoc without one battery.

Tim and Bill also helped us figure out that the battery charger wasn’t working either. When it rains, it pours, eh? They got on the phone again and found one in Greenfield, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. Chuck and I got in Tim’s truck (a VERY nice Ford F350!) to pick up the charger at West Marine.

We got back to the boat around 6 p.m. and Chuck started to install the battery charger. By 8:30 it was in and we were ready to go! But not before we had one more 1/2 price pizza at Kaiser’s in Kenosha. Yum!


The picture above is of the new battery, happily in its new home under the floor boards on the boat!

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