We left Kenosha on Tuesday, May 1. Finally, out on the water in an amazing boat. Tim came down to see us off, and he took the photo below of us leaving dock.

It was a beautiful day to leave port, with a lot of wind. There were small craft advisories on the lake for 2-4 foot waves. We kinda giggled about them cuz on Lake Superior, 2-4 is a normal day! The thing that was big when we left was the wind – 20 mph with gusts to 30. We stayed close to shore and zipped right along with a cowboy wing-on-wing rig. The waves were with us, so it was smooth sailin’.


When we approached South Milwaukee where the lake opens up to the west, allowing more wind to come offshore, we got whacked with a big gust. The cowboy set up blew us into a 180, and we stopped. I held the wheel, while Chuck undid the lines setting us free to go at least 8.5 knots. The boat hull was humming. That is such a great feeling!

We sailed fast by Milwaukee (below) heading towards Port Washington where we would spend the night. We waved to Santo and Doris Saliture as we sailed by Grafton.


Safely tucked into Port Washington, we had a nice happy hour before walking into town to get Chuck some new sunglasses. Great night in the harbor. We celebrated with a special champagne that I bought for us at Christmas. We did it!


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