Lake Huron

We left Mackinaw Island with barely a blow of wind but it was sunny and dare I say it, warm! We were officially in Lake Huron on our way to Drummond Island, just east of the St. Mary’s River which would take us to Sault Saint Marie into Lake Superior (the Soo).

The motor sailing was beautiful as we turned by the lighthouse to go pass De Tour Passage and on to an anchorage just north of Drummond Island surrounded by a tiny island called Harbor Island. Beautiful! We both enjoyed reading books on the back of the boat in the beautiful setting. It looked like we were in the middle of the Boundary Waters with an RV! By Sunday morning, the water was calm and it was approaching 70 degrees!

On Sunday morning, we crossed the channel to Drummond Island’s Yacht Haven. What a ghost town! The owner did drive down when we landed (after some major couple’s discussion on the appropriate language to use when the boat is being brought into the dock with gusty winds…) and welcomed us. They were going to look at our generator on Monday morning so we had the entire afternoon and evening. He offered us one of their cars which we took him up on.

yacht haven parking lot

Chuck and I went for a hike in a wooded area after we found out that on Mother’s Day, the morels start popping up on Drummond Island. No luck but we did see this false morel and a bunch of ramps coming up through the leaves. The photo of Chuck below is of a stone wall that the Finnish built when they first came to the island. We had a blast exploring the island and being on land for a few hours.

When we got back that evening, we made dinner and watched a movie – The Shipping News. Chuck had never seen it and it was a good movie to see while sailing. Tomorrow we start up the St. Mary’s River to the Soo. How exciting!

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