St. Mary’s River

Great day of sailing up the St. Mary’s River after we got our generator looked at by Yacht Haven. They figured out the issue, fixed us up and off we went. We left around 1 p.m. after going into town to the ice cream shop for lunch, the hardware store and the grocery store.

By the time we got into the St. Mary’s River channel, the ships were starting to appear on our app, (thanks Alex for giving us the tip about this site!). There were tugs, ore boats and barges. Very cool to be so close to them.

We got to a place in the river that was supposed to have a couple of buoys and it didn’t which is a bit worrisome because if you’re off in the ship channel, your depths can go from 25 feet to 1 foot! You have to watch the GPS constantly to make sure you’re in the channel.

When we sailed by an old fueling dock, we saw a dozen buoys sitting on it. So we knew where the buoys went and we’re thinking, geez, we are in the water way too early! But never fear, a few more miles up the river, the Coast Guard was putting buoys in the water. (See the photo above of the tug looking boat with the crane, upper right.) Whew!

buoys out of water

We enjoyed the rest of the day motor sailing up the river and watching ships. You can actually see a green buoy behind Chuck’s head in this photo!

st marys river

We sailed off the main river on to the east side of Sugar Island and stayed in a lovely anchorage recommended by Bonnie Dahl, the Queen of Lake Superior – so glad to be back in her territory again. I think the sunset photo says it all. Thanks Bonnie!


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