Whitefish Bay

So we got up really early (for us) and headed out of our anchorage near Brimley, Michigan on Thursday. We had to cover over 70 nm to make safe harbor through Whitefish Bay – yes, the place in the Edmund Fitzgerald song. There are two other safe harbors on the way, but the draft of our boat is 6 feet and the people we called couldn’t guarantee that the spring silting from the rivers didn’t make the harbors more shallow than recorded last year.

Chuck wanted to get going early to get through this well known ship graveyard and we started out sailing with a nice NE at 10-15 knots. Perfect to cross the bay quickly.

We first went by the Iroquois light at the southern end of the bay and passed Whitefish Point light around noon. As we were passing the Whitefish Point light, we passed another “footer” on its way to the Soo.  This time we were cutting the point in shallower water while the “footer” was out in the ship channel – pretty far from us.

When we turned west at the point, we continued to sail downwind. It is really comfortable to sail with the waves and with the wind. So I got a few quick nap sitting in the “cat seat”. I call it that because its near the cockpit windshield and in the sun. Its great when the water temperature is 42 degrees. Nice!


We sailed past the Crisp Point light later in the afternoon. You’re probably guessing that most of the south shore is sand, rocks, and lighthouses – and  you would be right!

crisp point light

We ended the day safely in Grand Marais, Michigan. Right. Michigan has one too! The dock was a built along a wall on the northwest corner of a big bay – a big bay. We originally felt like we should anchor out after dinner because of the weather forecast, but we ended up really enjoying the wine at the local brewery (yes, the brewery with three beers on tap), and the dock had electricity. That means warmth and lights. So we decided to stay on the dock. Just wait until tomorrow – we realized it wasn’t such a good decision.

FYI, the wine we had was called Sarver Pinot Noir. $30 per bottle in the brewery – great price for a well done Pinot. The owner of the brewery also owns a vineyard in Eugene, Oregon – that’s right Jeffy! Your old stompin’ grounds! Small world!

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