We left the wonderfully warm anchorage on Monday late in the afternoon and motor-sailed to Houghton, Michigan. As we were coming into town, we went by the Isle Royale Ranger! It’s the ferry for the Rock Harbor end of the island. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

We pulled up along the city dock before calling the town’s lift bridge. I ran into the library next to the dock and Chuck went to order a pizza for dinner. We decided to go through the lift bridge and have dinner at sea! A gal Chuck met while on the sailboat at dock, told us to get pizza at the Anchorage – she was right on. It was great!

We tied off in Lily Pond, near the north end of the Portage channel. It is a safe harbor for big ore ships if they get caught in tough weather and can’t make it around the Keweenaw Peninsula. Chuck has stayed there before and wasn’t too excited about the location. It turned out to be better than he remembered. It ended up having a lot of options to tie off for a boat our size. He remembered the cleats being far apart. They were. But we used the ladder, the cleat and the wood bumper near the water line to tie off.

We were right next to more buoys that the Coast Guard is going to need to put back into the channel – we noticed some were missing! All in all, it was a lovely evening – red skies at night, sailor’s delight!

In the morning we were off to point home – 78 nm across the big lake to Grand Marais, Minnesota! After listening to the weather forecast, we decided to head home – the wind would be good for most of the day and we would avoid thunderstorms predicted for Wednesday.

We had a fabulous adventure covering these 800 miles and it sure is nice to see NE Minnesota out the windshield as I write this. We live in the best place on the planet and I’m looking forward to a fabulous summer in Lutsen! Cheers to you all!



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