Inhospitable Western Shore

That’s what Bonnie Dahl calls the Western shore of Lake Superior – inhospitable. We called it gorgeous. We did need to use the Taconite Harbor on our first night, Tuesday, but it was planned. We tried to tuck in to the Bluefin Bay for dinner, but we were at the mooring ball around 6 p.m. and couldn’t see land. Too scary to try to find the boat back after dinner (and maybe a beer!)

Taconite Harbor was built as a safe harbor and it only holds three boats. On this night it was our boat, the Pocatito (Alex’s new boat – see below!) which he sailed down earlier in the day, and another very small one would have fit, if it came in.

The next morning, we woke up to thunderstorm warnings and decided to hang out in the harbor until the front line of the storm passed around 11:30 a.m. Below is a photo of the incoming storm, and the blue dot is where our boat was moored at Taconite. The storm came in and it wasn’t as bad as it looked – we think the big lake took the gas out of the storm when it came over us. Whew!


On the 4th of July we headed down the shore to stay in Silver Bay – approximately 35 miles. It was a very foggy day but Chuck would cut in close to the shore to try to catch the highlights – here are photos of the Manitou River crashing into the lake after the storm and coming up to Palisade Head near Silver Bay.

We rolled into Silver Bay and had a chance to explore the marina. It is in a beautiful setting and the facilities are nice. We talked to a lot of people on the docks and met the couple who purchased Bonnie Dahl’s boat – the Dalphine. They are very excited to learn all of the wonders of this tricked out boat! We also met a couple from Thunder Bay who keep their boat in Silver Bay so they can sail the Apostle Islands when its warm – smart people, eh?

We enjoyed the sunset while we ate dinner – our $1.49 pork loins from Kwik Trip and some yummy Swiss chard from our CSA box! Around 10 p.m. the fireworks in Silver Bay started and we moved our chairs from the boat to the end of the dock for a better view – Happy Fourth of July from the Inhospitable Western North Shore!

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